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Want to know Russell Wilson? First, learn about his father

January 18, 2014 Wilson No Comments

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Ask those who knew Russell Wilson flourishing adult because a Seattle Seahawks quarterback is a approach he is, and before prolonged they’re not articulate about Russell Wilson anymore. They’re articulate about Harrison B. Wilson III, his father.

Or Harry B., as his classmates and teammates on a ball and football teams during Dartmouth referred to him. Or, “H.B. Productions,” as former NFL linebacker Reggie Williams called him when they played together during Dartmouth in a 1970s.

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“All a things we listened about him with his teammates, all a things we listened about him from everybody during that school?” pronounced Williams, who played 14 years with a Bengals and was on both their Super Bowl teams. “Russell is all that his father was, on a football margin and in educational and amicable settings.”

Nobody crossed between and by a incompatible cultures and communities during a Ivy League institution, still with meagre numbers of African-American students, a approach Wilson did, he added.

“And with all of that, we never listened a singular chairman contend a disastrous thing about him,” Williams said.

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The same goes for Russell Wilson,

Article source: http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2014-01-17/want-to-know-russell-wilson-first-learn-about-his-father

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